About Christina Larmer

(aka C.A. Larmer)

A well-known journalist and fiction writer for 20-plus years, Christina started her
career as a junior writer with Cleo magazine and eventually edited Australia's
top-selling youth entertainment title TV HITS, and then national women's lifestyle
magazine (which, during her tenure, out-sold Marie Claire, Vogue and Elle).

Christina has run publishing bureaus in London, New York and Los Angeles, has
freelanced for a wide variety of publications—from The Australian Women's 
Weekly to the Herald—and has published numerous short fiction and ebooks.

Now a best-selling author on Amazon and via Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad
and Kobo, Christina's adult fiction novels include six books in the popular
Ghostwriter Mystery Series: Killer TwistA Plot to Die ForLast Writes, Dying 
Words, Words Can Kill and A Note Before Dying as well as An Island Lost (an
adult fiction novel set in the tropics), The Agatha Christie Book Club and Murder 
on the Orient (SS): The Agatha Christie Book Club 2. Her latest novel is Do Not Go Gentle (a DIY posthumous mystery). All ten books are available at Smashwords and Amazon.

Christina has also published a corporate biography called A Measure of Papua 
New Guinea (Focus; 2008) and has articles published in Australian text books
and design manuals.

Based in the Byron Bay hinterland in NSW, Australia, Christina lives with her
husband, musician/producer Christian Pyle (Acre, Ghost Mountain), their two sons,
passing koalas, the odd kangaroo and countless snakes.

Email her directly: christina.larmer@gmail.com
Get in touch at: https://www.facebook.com/CALarmer
Twitter: @CALarmer
Go to her website: http://www.christinalarmer.com
Read her short stories: http://freequickreads.blogspot.com.au/

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